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When it comes time to choose transportation for your wedding day, you can't go wrong with Limo Service Cleveland.

Our services have been trusted by countless couples on their wedding day. We pride ourselves on being on time, courteous, and professionally dressed for your wedding. We know how important this day is to you and we want it to be as perfect as possible.

Your wedding day requires reliable transportation. If you need to get to multiple locations for the ceremony, photos, and reception, you'll need a reliable and comfortable ride! Limo Service Cleveland can provide such a ride and more! Our limousines and limo buses are clean, comfortable, spacious, and reliable. Our chauffeurs are highly professional understand that this important day needs to go off without a hitch, so they are always on time, friendly, and able to take you where you need to go! Don't make the mistake of choosing an unreliable company and keep in mind that if a company quotes you a price that sounds too good to be true, that it probably is.

Simply put, Limo Service Cleveland is hands down the best company to choose when it comes to transportation for your wedding day! We know you want only the best on this big day and we're honored to be able provide just that for you on such an important occasion.

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Are you in the beginning phases of planning your wedding? Still searching for vendors? You've come to the right spot! We have some tips on how to choose the best vendors in Cleveland for your big day! Choose a topic below to learn more!

Choosing what songs you'd like played at your wedding, and which songs you don't want played, is the easy part. What takes a bit more time is choosing your wedding musician. DJ? Live band? There are several factors to consider here. First, where are your wedding and reception going to be held? A very intimate location may not provide the space needed for a full live orchestra to set up. Second, if you choose a live band, will the be able to play all the songs you have picked? A DJ can often play a wider variety of music! We also recommend taking family and friends' experiences into consideration - do they highly recommend a certain entertainment company?

Once you've compiled a list of candidates call around and get price quotes (be sure you know how long your reception will be so you can request a quote for the appropriate amount of time!). Getting prices is a good way to narrow down the list to companies that will fit into your budget. Once you've gotten the list narrowed, meet with the companies. Discuss what you're looking for music wise and see if they'll be able to deliver. Find out how much experience they have. Once you've found a company that is within your budget, who can provide the music you're looking for, and who you feel confident in doing business with, you can check this task off your wedding planning list!

Like your memories, your wedding photos will live on forever after your wedding day. And like your memories, you want to look back on these photos with a smile! This means that when you choose your wedding photographer you need someone who is experienced, qualified, and up for the job! Every photographer has their own style, so when you're going to want to be sure to see sample's of their work before hiring anyone so you can be sure their style is what you're looking for. It's important to have an idea of what you want so you can discuss it with them - do you want several photos of the ceremony and reception? Or only a few of the ceremony and several of the reception? Do you prefer candid shots or posed photos? Take all of these things into consideration! After all, how can a photographer live up to your expectations if you don't even know what your expectations are? As with any vendor, before you being setting up meetings you should research, read reviews, talk to your friends and family, and, of course, start with a quote so you can narrow down the list according to budget!

Have you chosen a florist yet? Don't put this off! A common mistake is ordering your flowers too late. Many flowers are ordered for other countries and this can take time! Some say you should actually begin looking for florists 11 months prior to your wedding! More time is always best, but even about eight months prior to your wedding should leave you with enough time to to find florists, set up meetings, view their work, and choose who you'd like to work with. Convey what you want or what you don't want and trust the florists instincts! They are professionals after all! If you're looking for an exotic flower be sure to get an idea from the florist how long delivery will take so you can set up a reminder for yourself to order them on time! Cleveland has several great florists so you should easily find someone to work with!

Cake! What a fun thing to be able to choose for your wedding day! Who wouldn't want to meet with several fantastic bakeries and sample cake? It's fairly standing to begin searching for bakeries and cake designers about five months before your wedding. We'll repeat this process again: Check reviews and ask around with friends and family; once you have a running list, call around to get quotes and then narrow your list based on your budget. Finally, set up meetings, sample their work, convey what you're looking for and choose the baker that you feel is best for your event! Plan on ordering your cake about three months prior to the wedding day. Enjoy this process! Sample flavors and choose the one you want for your wedding day. Envision your cake's look and work with your designer to create your dream wedding cake! Cleveland is home to some great bakers, so we know you'll find the perfect cake with no problem!

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